Through the Dark!!!

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Through the Dark!!!

The dark Clouds playing in my Brain

Running to my Heart through my Veins

I am neither Awake nor Slept

I neither Stayed nor Left


I want to march forward

Cannot discover any way

It is dark everywhere

I am seeking the light ray


The demons pulling me to the Dark

Just need a ray to get out of Here

There is nobody Near

I am screaming out my Fear

With all over Blood and Tears


They say, moon is shining and they can feel it

Why am I only? Find it is burning me

Burning my Body and Soul

It shivers my heart making it freezing but in Coal


This is my battle against Myself

I got to win this everyday a Little

Will you reach out to me and not be a Stranger??

I cannot wait to feel Myself independent and Stronger


Finally, I am stronger again

Travelling through dark and pain

Now, oh my friend, I am soothing in Peace

I can feel me breathing and Alive.

I can feel me breathing and Alive Again.



Juna Silwal


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