Tibetans in Nepal appeal to int’l community to unite against Covid-19

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Kathmandu: Tibetans living and doing business in Nepal have sought for the international communities’ cooperation to win the battle against coronavirus.

Renqing Dongzhi, a Chinese Tibetan currently living in Kathmandu, said since the number of infected has passed the 2 million mark across the world, all nations should fight together.

Renqing also thanked the Chinese Embassy in Nepal for actively coordinating the relevant departments in Nepal to support the Chinese compatriots in Nepal, and timely release information on prevention and control of COVID-19 situation as well as adjustment of immigration policy at the time of crisis, especially after lockdown date was extended in Nepal. It is said that the Chinese Embassy in Nepal coordinated with hotels and restaurants for more than 30 Chinese citizens for their free accommodation. Also, they contacted with Nepal's medical institutions to provide them with medical assistance.

Renqing also praised Nepal government’s efforts for taking positive and effective measures to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 while appreciating the Nepali authorities for their concerns and assistance to the Chinese citizens in Nepal. Saying that all Tibetan Chinese staying in Nepal express their pleasure for the latter’s efforts, he appealed to the international community to unite to fight COVID-19 epidemic and to protect people’s health and safety all over the world while restoring economic development order as soon as possible.

Renqing called on Tibetan compatriots living abroad to actively cooperate with the local government to combat the COVID-19 and strengthen self-protection.

Although we live abroad and we cannot return to China temporarily due to the outbreak of, the government has taken timely and effective measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Tibetan areas, and protected the plateau from the impact of the epidemic, he shared.

Renqing Dongzhi said, “We are very pleased to know our relatives and friends in China have not been affected by COVID-19. We are proud of the prosperity of our motherland. We also hope to return to China as soon as possible and reunite with our family.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, altogether 91 cases were diagnosed in the Tibetan area of Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces in China, and all of 91 cases were cured.

Up to now, there are no new confirmed cases and imported cases in the above areas.  According to expert analysis,In recent years, the Chinese government has increased economic investment and policy support to the Tibet Autonomous Region ,Tibetan area of Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu provinces, and other minority regions. The living conditions, transportation conditions, medical conditions, sanitary conditions, and ecological environment of these areas obviously improved, the living standard, happiness and sense of gain of Tibetans have been significantly increased, which is the fundamental reason why the cure rate of patients with COVID-19 in these areas reached 100 percent.


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