Monkey menace in Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City

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Banke–People of Nepalgunj, who have been reading and watching news related to monkey menace in the hilly areas, are now themselves grappling with the problem. Monkeys have unleashed terror in Jayaspur of the Sub-metropolitan City.

The locals of Jayaspur have sought help from the local authorities after troops of monkeys started entering their houses, damaging the crops and vegetables and sometimes even attacking people. Roshan Ali Ansari, a local of Jayaspur said the monkeys have been frequenting their settlement, pulling out crops and vegetables.

"The monkeys enter our homes, consume food and grains. They even bite the people," he said. According to Ansari, the monkey terror has spread in the settlement since few days and people have to carry sticks with them whenever they have to go out. "Around 200 to 300 monkeys have started living in the jungle close to Jayaspur village.

The farmers have started camping out in the fields, spending the night in vigil, to guard their crops. The simians not only consumed the grains stored in the house but ate the food cooked for the family as well, the locals lamented.

It is said the monkeys have become more mischievous in recent days and have started pouncing upon children, the elderly and anyone found walking alone.

Sub-metropolis ward chair Jolaha said that some people have been injured due to attack by monkeys. "It has become highly risky to let our children go out in the village alone," said local Munnikali Ansari.


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